Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse: Original Soundtrack - nervous_testpilot


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Frozen Synapse Soundtrack Preview! - Mod DB


"It is one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in my life...the soundtrack to this game is incredible...oh my God, it's SO GOOD!"

TotalBiscuit (...he's normally cynical!)


    01. Welcome to Markov Geist
    02. Focus
    03. The Plan
    04. A Functioning God
    05. Switch
    06. Schism
    07. Concentrate
    08. Triumph
    09. Nightpath
    10. Deeper
    11. Menu

About the Music

The Frozen Synapse Original Soundtrack was composed, engineered and mixed by Paul Taylor (aka nervous_testpilot), the co-owner of Mode 7 Games.

While obviously intended to accompany the game, it also stands up as a great electronic album in its own right!

The album is presented in MP3, WAV and FLAC formats - you receive all formats when you order.

It was mastered by Shane The Cutter @ Finyl Tweek.

About nervous_testpilot

Paul Taylor has been writing and performing electronic music in various forms for over 10 years.

His first project was an abstract electronica album by the name of "Module YOU.DLL Caused a General Protection Fault in Application MY_HEART.EXE" (really). He then went on to write the soundtrack to Mode 7's debut title Determinance, release various dance records on labels like Nu Energy and Subtraxx, and to spawn a chiptune alter-ego _ensnare_.

You can find more information on him at his site: