Here are what some of gaming's finest critical minds make of Frozen Synapse...


"Give me 1200 words. I'm going to make you pre-order something you've never even heard of."

"Like poker, it's a game about being dealt a hand and then working out what on earth you want to do with it."

"(In fact, between the ghost modes, the replay uploads and general slickness, I'm tempted to say something like "Indie-strategy's answer to StarCraft 2". Though if Mode 7 quote that out of context, I'll punch them on their communal nose.)"

"I'm in love with both the potential and the actuality of this. And I can play it right now."


"This is the turn-based strategy game that's going to put its arms around you, stroke your hair and say, "There, there. Mummy still loves you." You have not been abandoned."

"If you traditionally recoil at the words 'turn-based', you're going to be surprised by the accessibility and fluidity of this neon treat."

"There's no building or equipping of units, and the order interface is no more complicated than double-clicking to set a destination or drawing a line to tell your tiny chaps where to look and shoot. The complication comes from second-guessing where your enemy will be, not from trying to work out which one of two dozen buttons means 'Shoot Him, For God's Sake Shoot Him'."

"It's psychic chess, essentially."

"There's no question that it's taking action-strategy to a much-needed new place."

PC Format

"It's the kind of game that can - somewhat paradoxically - achieve cult status instantly."

"It's such a beautifully executed idea that it makes you wonder why it's never been done before."

"If you do get a copy, and you'd be stupid not to..."

The Wargamer

"After playing the game for a week I'm completely addicted to it."

"One thing is certain, there is little more satisfying than locking horns with another talented gamer and being taxed to the limit before coming out victorious. Even well-played losses are fun."

"The great thing about Frozen Synapse is that it's easy to get a few turns in over a break, lunch, or to play over the course of an evening."

"Frozen Synapse is awesome, even while still in development."

"Frozen Synapse is going to be a winner."


"Why the hell it's called Frozen Synapse, we don't know. By all rights it should be called Wholly Awesome Tactical Planning Game, because that's what it is."

"Frozen Synapse is built on the old adage of 'Easy to pick up, hard to master'."

"Between the TRON-esque visuals and the simultaneous turn-based tactics, Frozen Synapse is already outpacing the competition and leaving most other indie releases behind."

"Don't be fooled by the name - Frozen Synapse is going to set your world on fire."

Out of Eight

"I've been playing and enjoying this game immensely, and it's not even done yet. Overall, I am very, very pleased and quite enamored with what I've seen so far."