We like hearing from people, but we get a LOT of mail (a lot), so here's how to find out the information you may require...

Press or Business Development?

Please mail paulmode7 at gmail full-stop com

I have a general problem / technical support issue!

Firstly, we're genuinely sorry about that and want to sort it out. We have limited resources to do support on a one-to-one basis, so please have a look through the information available here before contacting us...



Chat in IRC

If your question is not answered by these things, we do want to hear from you and will do our absolute best to resolve it. If you send your question during the night (UK time), you may have to wait until the next day for an answer.

Email support //at// mode7games //dot// com

Lost download link or problem with your order?

Please contact our payment provider Fastspring.

I have a problem sending my free copy to a friend / activating my free copy

Please, please read the FAQ before emailing and make sure you are using the correct system - thank you.

I have a feature suggestion / would like the game to appear on another platform!

That's cool and we'd like to know about it - please post in the Forums rather than mailing us. Thanks.

Are you a musician or freelance sound designer?

All of our music and sound design is done in-house and that's unlikely to ever change - sorry!

Are you looking for work experience?

We're not currently offering work experience of any kind - sorry!

Freelance coder willing to work remotely?

Yes, we would like to hear from you! Please send a CV with your current experience to the Business Development address below.

Anything else? Just email us!

The Mode 7 Games Communications Entity would be delighted to receive your pathetic linguistic constructions. Here are the addresses you need...

Press or Business Development

paulmode7 at the gmail of the dot and the com


support at mode7games full-stop com


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